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What is Blue Coat?

Blue Coat is an e-Soft solution that can monitor and coordinate a fleet of staff or vehicles with a standard smartphone. With Blue Coat, you can almost instantaneously view the position of your workers on the ground using your telephone or visiting the Control Room.

Why use Blue Coat?

Personalized Modules

Blue Coat is full of additional features, with various modules to choose from that can be quickly set-up. The Control Room can be checked online using any browser, and the modules to be installed on smartphones are available in Android or IOS systems.

Cloud Architecture

There is no need to install specific hardware or any special programs, as the architecture is provided by Cloud.


Geolocating can be useful in various fields: cleaning companies may need to monitor the time staff spend with each client, or snowplows may want to check the routes covered and even police squads have to confirm who is covering a given area.


Thanks to a quick installation and previously set-up modules, e-Soft can keep your costs down.

  • One-off installation fee
  • Monthly fee based on users actually involved
  • The devices used are standard smartphones so there is no extra cost for additional hardware



Do you find it difficult to assess how long each employee is with a client? Then Check-In/Out is the solution for you! It’s simple and intuitive, sending only two messages to the Control Room: Check-In for when you arrive and Check-Out for when you leave.


Do you need to visualize the actual route carried out by various operators? Thanks to Tracks, the position can be continually and intelligently recorded.


Do you have events that you need to point out (fires, accidents or new constructions/installations)? With Events, you can geolocate these points of interest and even add notes or photos to make it more accurate.


HDo you have a need that we haven’t thought of yet? Contact us and we would be happy to put your ideas into practice.

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